Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This may seem like a big post with a lot of pictures but I am moving over many of these from Greenman Archery where they were originally posted. There is also new work to put up that hasn't been seen before.
If you're interested in any of these just let me know.
Thanks for looking!

This is the biggest drum I've made to date. This drum stands approximately 17" tall x 12 1/2" wide. It's got a great booming voice and is just begging to be part of a drum circle, $150.

This drum has a spiral weave design done with pyrography and then stained with muted colors. This drum is a little quieter than the previous one but still has a good rich voice. Approximately 12" tall x 10 1/2" wide, $50.

The blue/green colors on this drum are really nice. Finished with a high gloss it almost looks like pottery. It stands about 11" tall x 10" wide, $75.

This water bottle gourd is lined with beeswax so the water tastes slightly like honey. It is not suited to hot liquids like tea or coffee. Size is about 8 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" wide, $50.

Dreamsnake is about 7" tall x 4 1/2" wide. It would make a beautiful addition to any colorful decor, or add color to a drab one! $40 SOLD

The River at the End of the World is about 2 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" wide. A somewhat whimsical piece that I rather enjoy looking at, $20.

The Pirate's Lament is about 9" tall x 6 1/4" wide, holds 1/2 gallon, and is lined with brewer's pitch to make it suitable for any liquid. The designs burned into the skin of the gourd show the flags of three famous pirates: Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet, and John Rackham. The lanyard is 7-strand French sennit layed under a 5-strand, 3-pass Turk's head, $40.
It’s a sad thing, it is.
Sad to be a pirate on the beach.
With no ship to call home, no berth of me own.
No horizon to beckon the eyes.
I sailed with the best:
Stede Bonnet, John Rackham, and the worst of all, Edward Teach, known to you as Blackbeard.
My luck ran out. When I lost a leg I took the King’s Pardon.
Better to be a crippled former pirate remembering the days that were than a one-legged corpse floating on the tide.
Now I sit in the sand and drink to stay drunk.
When I’m drunk I remember the glory. I remember the thrill of the chase, the blue sea and the blue sky.
I remember the willing wenches in the taverns of Port Royal, and the gold… I remember the gold.
When I’m sober I see only the one shoe before me in the sand.
So I sip grog from this gourd to stay on that smooth edge of drunk. The smooth edge where the one lonely shoe fades into the blue sea and the glitter of gold coins.

My Heart is Locked for You is 3 1/2" high and 5" in diameter, $50.
The heart on the lid is imitation gold leaf outlined by acrylic paint. The body of the gourd has been stained with leather dye and the whole thing has been sealed with lacquer.
The lid is fastened down by 4 brass straps. I guess you could unscrew the straps to find out what is inside the heart... but then the heart wouldn't be locked any longer.
And that's the point: My Heart is Locked for You.

Before you ask... yes, there is something inside the heart. And, no, I will not tell anyone what it is.

This canteen is pyrographed on both sides and is lined with brewer's pitch. It stands about 4 1/2" tall x 7" wide, laying down, of course. The leather band around the rim will let you use the leather thongs to fasten it to whatever shoulder strap you wish, $40.

Gourd bowls, the yellow one and the small green bowl are lined with a food safe epoxy and can have any type of food in them, wet or dry. The blue bowl has a different finish that should only be used for dry foods such as peanuts or candy. The yellow bowl is about 4" tall x 10" wide, $30. Blue bowl approx. 3" tall x 10 1/2" wide, $30. The small bowl is about 1 7/8" tall x 3 3/34" wide, $15.

She Comes To Me in the Moonlight, approximately 7" tall x 4 1/2" wide. The design shows the Goddess at the full moon position and additional moon phases around the neck of the gourd. This would be great on an altar, much better than a pewter wizard holding a clear marble... not that there is anything wrong with pewter wizards, $40.

This drum has a gold leaf band around the base that gives it just the right amount of color. Approximately 7 1/2" tall x 6" wide, this drum has a wonderful voice for being so small, $40.

Thanks for looking!
Prices do not include shipping charges, which are charged at actual cost.
If you wish to purchase a piece, have questions about any of these pieces, or wish for additional pictures, just let me know.


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

That's some awesome and stunning work there.

Guy Taylor said...


Knowing the art that you do, I really appreciate that.

Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

I can't wait to see what you'll make next. You never cease to surprise me.

rickyd said...

Hey Greg, nice stuff. I have dabbled in gourds as well (shakers for percussion music, birdhouses) and found a couple of interesting ways to deal with them. To clean out the inside I have bent an inexpensive wire hanger, chucked it into a drill and spun it inside. To clean the outside I chucked a wire brush into my drill press and held the gourd to the spinning wire. Cleans fast, makes a tremendous amount of dust. Finally, I pour a bit of shellac into the cleaned-out gourd and swirl it around to stick what's left inside so it doesn't dust out.

Cheers, RickyD

Guy Taylor said...

RickyD, thanks very much for your comment.
I have seen the coat hanger method mentioned but never tried it. The two tools I made to scrape the inside do a pretty good job of getting out all the junk. For more open gourds I got a couple "stone balls" from Welburn that are just fantastic for getting a good finish on the inside. Unfortunately, if I'm making something with a small mouth it's difficult to get the ball inside the gourd. I think I'll dig up a coathanger and give that a try, couldn't hurt!
To seal the inside I may use epoxy, beeswax, or brewer's pitch, depending upon the intended use for the gourd. When the gourd won't be used for drinking I sometimes use nothing or a coat of black acrylic paint to give a particular look. Dreamsnake is done with black paint.
On the outside, I'm going to stick with water and the scrub pad. The last thing I need is more gourd dust!

Thanks, Guy